I came across this piece of resentment in the University student newspaper:

“The problem of unemployment could be put down to the lazy British worker/non-worker. There are jobs out there for the British worker to do: for example, it has to be somebody’s job to fire those 4000 British workers from BT as one person alone could not lay off that many staff by March unless they did it by email (which would be a bit harsh!), so one would have thought that there is a position going there, or at least a couple of assistants posts to tell the main guy to lay off…

…One group of the population who are not lazy are the students busy studying for degrees in the nation’s universities, who once graduate, can simply not afford to be lazy”

When i read this critique of the “lumpen proletariat” and self-congratulation of students I could not help but think of Nieztsche’s comments about this type of morality:

 ‘Imagine “the enemy” as conceived by a man of resentment – and here is precisely is his deed, his creation: he has conceived “the evil enemy”, “the evil one” – and indeed as the fundamental concept from which he then derives, as an after image and counterinstance, a “good one” – himself.’ (The Portable Nietzsche, p452)