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Here is the latest video salvo from Zizek (I think a book is coming out later on this year).


New Zizek Presentation/Video

Here is a presentation from Slavoj Zizek. In it he outlines his thoughts about contemporary ideology and civility. The presentation was given 8th September 2008.


*update. Zizek also backs obama (here) and I Cite sums up why:

Zizek’s position on Obama is rooted in the realization that appearances matter. It matters whether our society is one in which the officially acknowledged ideology claims that torture is sometimes useful, that some couples destroy the fabric of society, that its perfectly fine if the top 1% of the population are vastly wealthier than all the rest. With Obama, then, the domain of the officially acknowledged and acceptable changes. And this change brings with it a whole set of different potentials, different possibilities. The truth of the claim, then, rests not simply in whether Obama, Biden, and their handlers believe it. It’s more than that, the minimal or virtual difference that shifts the entire political frame, that creates opportunities that otherwise would have been foreclosed. So, no, Zizek is not cynical.(read post here)